Why Use Dataknobs Philosophy




Data Officer(s) need to confront complexity of modern enterprise thru multiple data models. Knobs enable interpretation of data & build logical understanding. Most importantly knobs act as levers using which data leaders can control how information is applied in various experiment and AI processes.

Kreate DataProducts

Combine AI, generative AI, data engineering, web scraping to build datasets. Combine Datasets to build higher level concepts. Build Data Products for insight and task completion.

Kreate Bots

Elevate your chatbot converation with Dataproducts and Knowledgebase. Create a chatbot that understand user high level terminology and can map to detail and raw knowledgebase.

Knobs for Data Products

Kreate Websites

Focus on producing content and data. Generate web experience , mobile epxerience. Using knobs optimize for presentation layer, speed, distribution, SEO. Generate websites or intranet portal with little or no effort.

Kreate Lineage

Trace the data journey from raw data to refined dataproducts. Ensure transparency throughout the life cycle - data product creation, experimentation, usage in website and powering chatbots.

Knobs for Website, Visualiatizations & Chatbots

AB Experiment

Test and optimize your chatbot conversations for better results. A/B test your digital human to see which persona resonates best with your audience

AB Testing

A/B test in natural and intutive manner. Use pre built modeules, API and platform to unlock the power of a/b testing. Generate web design and a/b test at same place.

AB Testing across website, Chatbot and Data Products

Custom Chatbots & LLMs

Use custom chatbot to use domain knowledge, customize responses and language to match your brand and comply with laws, . More importantly use custom chatbot for integration external system, automate workflows and gain competive advantages.

Gen AI For Software Dev

AIASE use artificial intelligence (AI) to augment the capabilities of software engineers. AIASE aims to improve the efficiency, quality, and reliability of software development by automating repetitive tasks, providing insights into code, and helping engineers to make better decisions.

Knobs for Generative AI

Create Datasets

Use knobs to define dataset. Efficiently construct dataset that represent real word. Learn optimal policy and generaization with compressed dataset.

Augment datasets

Add more data points, diversity, variability to build dataset that represent world. Generate new dataset to handle cold start problem or test model

Knobs for data privacy

Remove PII

Identify, mask or remove personally identifiable information from datasets. By obscuring PII information, use data for experiments and comply with regulations.

Advance anonymization

Anonymize data to protect against identify,membership and attribute disclosure. Protect the privacy as well as make data useful for getting insight.

From the blog

Build Dataproducts

How Dataknobs help in building data products

Enterprises are most successful when they treat data like a product. It enable to use data in multiple use cases. However data product should be designed differently compared to software product.

Be Data Centric and well governed

Generative AI is one of approach to build data product

Generative AI has enabled many transformative scenarios. We combine generative AI, AI, automation, web scraping, ingesting dataset to build new data products. We have expertise in generative AI, but for business benefit we define our goal to build data product in data centric manner.

Well governed data

Data Lineage and Extensibility

To build a commercial data product, create a base data product. Then add extension to these data product by adding various types of transformation. However it lead to complexity as you have to manage Data Lineage. Use knobs for lineage and extensibility

Develop data products with KREATE and AB Experiment

Develop data products and check user response thru experiment

As per HBR " Data product require validation of both 1. whether algorithm work 2. whether user like it". Builders of data product need to balance between investing in data-building and experimenting. Our product KREATE focus on building dataset and apps , ABExperiment focus on ab testing. both are designed to meet data product development lifecycle

Innovate with experiments

Experiment faster and cheaper with knobs

In complex problems you have to run hundreds of experiments. Plurality of method require in machine learning is extremely high. With Dataknobs approach, you can experiment thru knobs.

Why knobs matter

Knobs are levers using which you manage output

See Drivetrain appproach for building data product, AI product. It has 4 steps and levers are key to success. Knobs are abstract mechanism on input that you can control.


Generative AI slides

  • Learn generative AI - applications, LLM, architecture
  • See best practices for prompt engineering
  • Evaluate whether you should use out of box foundation model, fne tune or use in-context learning
  • Most important - be aware of concerns, issues, challenges, risk of genAI and LLM
  • See vendor comparison - Azure, OpenAI, GCP, Bard, Anthropic. Review framework for cost computation for LLM

    Our product KREATE can generate web design. Web design that are built to convert

    Using KREATE you can publish marketing blog with ease. See KREATE in action

    Fractional CTO for generative AI and Data Products

    Startup and enterprise who wish to build their own data prodct can hire expertise to build Data product using generative AI

  • Generative AI expertise
  • Machine Learning expertise
  • Data product building expertise
  • Cloud - AWS, GCP,Azure