Why - Dataknobs Philosophy




Data Officer(s) need to confront complexity of modern enterprise thru multiple data models. Knobs enable interpretation of data & build logical understanding. Most importantly knobs act as levers using which data leaders can control how information is applied in various experiment and AI processes.

Build Data Products using GenAI

Dataknobs capablities - KREATE, KONTROLS and KNOBS.
KREATE focus on creatibvity and generation
KONTROLS provide guardrails, lineage, compliance, privacy and security.
KNOBS enable experimentation and diagnosis

What - Dataknobs Capabilities




Data products generally require validation both of whether the algorithm works, and of whether users like it. As a result, builders of data products face an inherent tension between how much to invest in the R&D upfront and how quickly to get the application out to validate that it solves a core need. (quote:HBR)


AI powered creation of data, web design, web site and AI Assistant. Create new data with complete lineage. Generate website from content and configure to build AI assistant & Spark innovation. Build things beyond imagination at fast speed.

KREATE PRO - Enterprise

Deployed on customer tenant. Create Text, Images, Proposals, Slides to add new content. Generate internet or intranet portal, generate SEO. Create AI Assistant for enterprise.

How - Dataknobs Deliver

Identifying orthogonal knobs/levers is key for AI. Knobs let you experiment, build, govern, manage Data Products built using AI

Predictive AI

Machine Learning amplifies the whispers from raw data. Build data products guiding smarter operational and finacial decisions.Bring predictive analytics directly into producion proceses.

Generative AI

Our intuitive interface and command line capabilities simplifies agent creation and deployment of AI Assitants. Supports LLM-based, small model, and intent-based AI agents. Deploy on cloud or on premise. Protects user data and privacy with robust security measures

Dataknobs Product - Kreate

Data products generally require validation both of whether the algorithm works, and of whether users like it. As a result, builders of data products face an inherent tension between how much to invest in the R&D upfront and how quickly to get the application out to validate that it solves a core need.

Kreate Bots

Create chatbot and AI agents with ease. Focus on enriching knowledbease. Combine simple chatbot and AI agents according to complexity of tasks. Try using pre-built AI Agent templates with full code access.

Kreate Websites

Generate webpages,seo and E2E websites directly from google drive or github content. Create visualization and experience that win with users and win with search engine algorithms..

Dataknobs Product - ABExperiment

AB Experiment

Test and optimize your chatbot conversations for better results. A/B experiment your digital human to see which persona resonates best with your audience. Generate different agent response and experiment at one place

AB Testing

A/B test in natural and intutive manner. Use pre built modeules, API and platform to unlock the power of a/b testing. Generate web design and a/b test at same place.

E2E Use Cases

AI Assitant for Finance

Built AI assitants that help users in making investment decisions. Built AI assitants/bot to answer complex queries on stocks earnings call.

Predictive Maintenance

Integrate Iot datsets,built data products. Using A predict remaining useful life of equipment

Chatbot for Travel

Built chatbot that help user plan vacation according to wish list and packages provided by company. Chatbot seemlessly integrate with website and can derive the context from navigation across website.


AIASE use artificial intelligence (AI) to augment the capabilities of software engineers. AIASE aims to improve the efficiency, quality, and reliability of software development by automating repetitive tasks, providing insights into code, and helping engineers to make better decisions.

AI Powered Presentation Generator

Provide KREATE with your key points, target audience, and choose template style. Its AI engine then generates a well-structured presentation complete with compelling slides, branding, and clear messaging. you can regeerate slides at regular interval.

Generate FAQ

Stop wasting time manually crafting FAQs. KREATE leverages the power of GenAI LLM and vector DB to automatically generate comprehensive and informative FAQs for your content.

From the blog

Build Dataproducts

How Dataknobs help in building data products

Enterprises are most successful when they treat data like a product. It enable to use data in multiple use cases. However data product should be designed differently compared to software product.

Be Data Centric and well governed

Generative AI is one of approach to build data product

Generative AI has enabled many transformative scenarios. We combine generative AI, AI, automation, web scraping, ingesting dataset to build new data products. We have expertise in generative AI, but for business benefit we define our goal to build data product in data centric manner. Our Product KREATE enable creation of data, user interface, AI assistant. Click to see it in action.

Well governed data

Data Lineage and Extensibility

To build a commercial data product, create a base data product. Then add extension to these data product by adding various types of transformation. However it lead to complexity as you have to manage Data Lineage. Use knobs for lineage and extensibility

What is KREATE and KreatePro

Kreate - Bring your Ideas to Life

KREATE empowers you to create things - Dataset, Articles, Presentations, Proposals, Web design, Websites and AI Assistants Kreate is a platform inclide set of tools that ignite your creatviity and revolutionize the way you work. KReatePro is enterprise version.


KONTROLS - apply creatvity with responsbility

KONTROLS enable adding guardrails, lineage, audit trails and governance. KOntrols recogizes that different use cases for Gen AI and AI have varying levels of control requirements. Kontrols provide structure to select right controls.

What is KNOBS

KNOBS - Experimentation and Diagnostics

Well defined tunable paramters for LLM API, LLM fine tuning , Vector DB. These parameters enable faster experimentation and diagosis for every state of GenAI development - chunking, embedding, upsert into vector DB, retrievel, generation and creating responses for AI Asistant.

Kreate Articles

Create Articles and Blogs

Create articles for Blogs, Websites, Social Media posts. Write set of articles together such as chapters of book, or complete book by giving list of topics and Kreate will generate all articles.

Kreate Slides

Create Presentations, Proposals and Pages

Design impactful presentation by giving prmpt. Convert your text and image content into presentations to win customers. Search in your knowledbe base of presentations and create presentations or different industry. Publish these presentation with one click. Generate SEO for public presentations to index and get traffic.

Kreate Websites

Agent to publish your website daily

AI powered website generation engine. It empower user to refresh website daily. Kreate Website AI agent does work of reading conent, website builder, SEO, create light weight images, create meta data, publish website, submit to search engine, generate sitemap and test websites.

Kreate AI Assistants

Build AI Assistant in low code/no code

Set up AI Assistant that give personized responss to your customers in minutes. Add RAG to AI assistant with minimal code- implement vector DB, create chunks to get contextual answer from your knowlebase. Build quality dataset with us for fine tuning and training a cusom LLM.

Develop data products with KREATE and AB Experiment

Develop data products and check user response thru experiment

As per HBR Data product require validation of both 1. whether algorithm work 2. whether user like it. Builders of data product need to balance between investing in data-building and experimenting. Our product KREATE focus on building dataset and apps , ABExperiment focus on ab testing. Both are designed to meet data product development lifecycle

Innovate with experiments

Experiment faster and cheaper with knobs

In complex problems you have to run hundreds of experiments. Plurality of method require in machine learning is extremely high. With Dataknobs approach, you can experiment thru knobs.

Why knobs matter

Knobs are levers using which you manage output

See Drivetrain appproach for building data product, AI product. It has 4 steps and levers are key to success. Knobs are abstract mechanism on input that you can control.


Generative AI slides

  • Learn generative AI - applications, LLM, architecture
  • See best practices for prompt engineering
  • Evaluate whether you should use out of box foundation model, fne tune or use in-context learning
  • Most important - be aware of concerns, issues, challenges, risk of genAI and LLM
  • See vendor comparison - Azure, OpenAI, GCP, Bard, Anthropic. Review framework for cost computation for LLM

    Our product KREATE can generate web design. Web design that are built to convert

    Using KREATE you can publish marketing blog with ease. See KREATE in action

    Fractional CTO for generative AI and Data Products

    Startup and enterprise who wish to build their own data prodct can hire expertise to build Data product using generative AI

  • Generative AI expertise
  • Machine Learning expertise
  • Data product building expertise
  • Cloud - AWS, GCP,Azure