Why - Fractional CTO For GenAI




A CTO in GenAI should be expert in GenAI. CTO should have proven epereince in delivering GenAI products. CTO should know GenAI well, its limitations. CTO should also know technology, cloud. Additionally CTO must be well versed in AI governance, ensuring ethical and responsible development and deployment of AI.

CTO and DS at Dataknobs

Dataknobs CTO and Chief DS delivered integrated products
KREATE focus on creatibvity and generation
KONTROLS provide guardrails, lineage, compliance, privacy and security.
KNOBS enable experimentation and diagnosis
Enterprise can use this template to build data products, GenAI apps, AI Assistant in enterprises. Startups can use this to apply in AI products.

Fractional CTO and DS for GenAI

Access members with deep expertise without any commitment. Start with few hours of involvement and as your need evolves you can scale, increase involvement or hire full tile.

Fractional CTO and Chief DS have experience across specialized industries like Finance. The member have delivered multiple projects.
You only pay for time you need. While projects are waiting/getting approved - you need not have to spend money. Fractional CTO and Data Science can hit the ground running offering immediate strategic guidance and tackling critical intiatives.

Fractional CTO and DS for GenAI

GenAI enable - Creatvity, Automation and Personalization.

Learn how software evolved from coding to data driven ML. Now genertive AI is even generating data and code. This will change product business model and also product management.

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Change involvement as needed

Fractional CTO can adapt to changing need of your company. They can scale up or down their involvement based on progress. this flexiblitty is valueable during stages of growth

Specialized Expertise

Get experience and knowledge

Fractional CTO have prior experience of working as CTO in large enterprise. The have experience of working with multiple startups. They have delievred many Gen, AI, projects. This option of hiring fractional CTO allow startup to tap into deep expertise without compiring your budget.

Cost Effectiveness

Fraction of cost

Get expertise and results at fraction of cost. There is no commitment. If project, funding for project, decisions get delayed you are not spending money on expert resources. Bring them wehn you need it.

Network and Connection

Reach to more customerse

Not only use CTO expertise, but also use their network to reach to customers, VC. Fractioal CTO have extensive network within technology industry. Use CTO connection to connect to potential customers, partners, investors and other resources.

Outside Perspective

Unbiased and Objective perspective

A fractional CTO in your company bring objective and unbiased perspective. It may give fresh insight and challenge assumptions to drive innovation and scale your product.

What is KNOBS

KNOBS - Experimentation and Diagnostics

Well defined tunable paramters for LLM API, LLM fine tuning , Vector DB. These parameters enable faster experimentation and diagosis for every state of GenAI development - chunking, embedding, upsert into vector DB, retrievel, generation and creating responses for AI Asistant.


Guardrails and Lieange for GenAI

KONTROLS is Dataknobs capabilities releated to guardrails, lineage and governance. As you create content from Gen AI - lineage and governance become more challenhing. Dataknobs CTO can help you use dataknobs capabilitires or help you you build custom capabilities.


Generative AI slides

  • Learn generative AI - applications, LLM, architecture
  • See best practices for prompt engineering
  • Evaluate whether you should use out of box foundation model, fne tune or use in-context learning
  • Most important - be aware of concerns, issues, challenges, risk of genAI and LLM
  • See vendor comparison - Azure, OpenAI, GCP, Bard, Anthropic. Review framework for cost computation for LLM

    Our product KREATE can generate web design. Web design that are built to convert

    Using KREATE you can publish marketing blog with ease. See KREATE in action

    Fractional CTO for generative AI and Data Products

    Startup and enterprise who wish to build their own data prodct can hire expertise to build Data product using generative AI

  • Generative AI expertise
  • Machine Learning expertise
  • Data product building expertise
  • Cloud - AWS, GCP,Azure