Chocolate Bar Of Data


Build Data Products From Raw Data

Build higher level concepts from raw data. Make these higher level concept useful in variety of scenaiors. Use transformations, web scraping, feature engineering, machine learning, generative AI approaches to build higher level data elements.


Example Of Higher Level Concept

Health of Human and Systems Health of human can be measured with varity of factors e.g. Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Vitals, Diseases, Surgery done etc. Combining individual raw elements into higher level abstract score has many uses.

How To Build

Abstract and Generailzed Version

Building higher level concepts from data require identifying patterns and relationship in data. Once you identifid patterns and relationship one need to define an abstract concept that is generalizable. You should valid this concept with expert and then build. As you build ab experiment to ensure it works.

Do A/B Experiment and ensure abstract version is effective for users

AB Experiment

Run Good Experiments

Once build - serve data into websites, visualization, intranet portal, chatbot and in embedded analytics. Build experiments to determine whether users find it useful with ABExperiment tool.

Build Data products like CustomerAffinity, churn Risk, Investment Risks etc. Try 2 variations of these and determine which one is more effective.

Use Knobs

Knobs are abstract data points that influence outcomes Identify right knobs on data to experiment with various settings. Knowing right knobs you can govern the data and control the outcome.

From the Slides blog

Generative AI slides and details
LLM Overview

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Futuristic interfaces

Future-proof interfaces: Build unified web-chatbot experiences that anticipate user needs and offer effortless task completion.