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FromIndustry Titans to emerging distruptors We spark innovation, from established players to agile newcomers. We power growth with customizable SaaS solutions and configurale solutions.

AI Assistants

Helped Fintech build innovative AI powered Assistants for answering finance questions. AI Assitants use custom dataset and advance reasoning to answer complex question and build detail financial reports.

Data Product using AI

Build Dataproduct that combines multiple raw and granualer signal to higher level concept. Used Advance machine learning and statistical model to built Data Signals that operations and finance team can use.

AI Assistant - Stocks

Struggling to understand stock earnings calls? Our AI assistant, powered by cutting-edge language models, takes the hassle out of it. Get access to expertly crafted questions that target key investment due diligence points, plus clear answers – all readily available for your browsing. Want to dig deeper? Simply ask the assistant your specific questions and get tailored insights.

AI Twin

A factory in UAE used AI-Twin to predict failures & reduce downtime. With AI Twin recommendation factory were able to reduce failure rate by 12% and there is no infrastructure or development cost needed.

KREATE - SaaS Product

Many Small businesses use KREATE to power their websites, chatbot and AI Assistants.

Kreate Bots

Create chatbot and AI agents with ease. Focus on enriching knowledbease. Combine simple chatbot and AI agents according to complexity of tasks. Try using pre-built AI Agent templates with full code access.

Kreate Websites

Generate webpages,seo and E2E websites directly from google drive or github content. Create visualization and experience that win with users and win with search engine algorithms..

From the blog

Build Dataproducts

How Dataknobs help in building data products

Enterprises are most successful when they treat data like a product. It enable to use data in multiple use cases. However data product should be designed differently compared to software product.

Be Data Centric and well governed

Generative AI is one of approach to build data product

Generative AI has enabled many transformative scenarios. We combine generative AI, AI, automation, web scraping, ingesting dataset to build new data products. We have expertise in generative AI, but for business benefit we define our goal to build data product in data centric manner.

Well governed data

Data Lineage and Extensibility

To build a commercial data product, create a base data product. Then add extension to these data product by adding various types of transformation. However it lead to complexity as you have to manage Data Lineage. Use knobs for lineage and extensibility

Develop data products with KREATE and AB Experiment

Develop data products and check user response thru experiment

As per HBR " Data product require validation of both 1. whether algorithm work 2. whether user like it". Builders of data product need to balance between investing in data-building and experimenting. Our product KREATE focus on building dataset and apps , ABExperiment focus on ab testing. both are designed to meet data product development lifecycle

Innovate with experiments

Experiment faster and cheaper with knobs

In complex problems you have to run hundreds of experiments. Plurality of method require in machine learning is extremely high. With Dataknobs approach, you can experiment thru knobs.

Why knobs matter

Knobs are levers using which you manage output

See Drivetrain appproach for building data product, AI product. It has 4 steps and levers are key to success. Knobs are abstract mechanism on input that you can control.


Generative AI slides

  • Learn generative AI - applications, LLM, architecture
  • See best practices for prompt engineering
  • Evaluate whether you should use out of box foundation model, fne tune or use in-context learning
  • Most important - be aware of concerns, issues, challenges, risk of genAI and LLM
  • See vendor comparison - Azure, OpenAI, GCP, Bard, Anthropic. Review framework for cost computation for LLM

    Our product KREATE can generate web design. Web design that are built to convert

    Using KREATE you can publish marketing blog with ease. See KREATE in action

    Fractional CTO for generative AI and Data Products

    Startup and enterprise who wish to build their own data prodct can hire expertise to build Data product using generative AI

  • Generative AI expertise
  • Machine Learning expertise
  • Data product building expertise
  • Cloud - AWS, GCP,Azure