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Data products generally require validation both of whether the algorithm works, and of whether users like it. As a result, builders of data products face an inherent tension between how much to invest in the R&D upfront and how quickly to get the application out to validate that it solves a core need. (quote:HBR)


KREATE empowers everyone, regardless of technical skill, to unleash their creative potential through a powerful platform fueled by artificial intelligence. We strive to democratize creation by simplifying and automating complex tasks across various domains

KNOBS For AB Experiment

Unleash the power of AI-driven experimentation with Abexperiment. Test different: - LLMs for intelligent assistants. - Vector databases for high-dimensional data. - Retrieval strategies for precise information access. - Prompt templates for personalized user experiences. Plus, enjoy classic A/B testing for website and data product optimization.

Dataknobs AI Capabilities

Dataknobs empowers you to build impactful data products using its "drive train" approach. Combine datasets seamlessly to create rich, unified "data bars" and leverage AI to unlock higher-level insights. Its generative AI capabilities condense and translate complex data into easily digestible summaries for human consumption.

Generative AI

Unleash your creativity and build anything – datasets, AI agents, stunning visuals, and more. Automate tasks, generate content, and let your ideas come to life. Our intuitive interface and command line capabilities simplifies agent creation and deployment of AI Assitants. Supports LLM-based, small model, and intent-based AI agents. Deploy on cloud or on premise. Protects user data and privacy with robust security measures

Predictive AI

Machine Learning amplifies the whispers from raw data. Build data products guiding smarter operational and finacial decisions.Bring predictive analytics directly into producion proceses. Predictive models can power A/B testing, suggesting potential design variations and predicting which ones will resonate most with users.


Kreate Websites

Generate websites and visualization

AI Twin goes beyond simply collecting data. It ingests raw signals from across your factory floor, from sensors on machines to environmental indicators.

Kreate Bots

Generate AI Assitants

Build & deploy intelligent AI assistants, agents, and chatbots in days, not months. Start building interactive assistants, agents, and chatbots without the coding hassle.

Kreate Data Products

Data Products build right from start.

Harness the power of AI and generative AI to analyze and curate data from various sources (web, open datasets) through web scraping and data engineering. Combine these diverse datasets to identify trends, patterns, and relationships, revealing higher-level knowledge and understanding.

Kreate Datasets

Create Datasets for AI

Fuel AI with meticulously crafted datasets. Deploy active learning, innovative generative models, and efficient optimal transport techniques alongside weak supervision to curate complete, well-governed datasets with exceptional predictive capabilities.

AI Twin

A/B testing for dynamic conversation

Unify the physical and virtual worlds, fostering trust and clarity. Transform IoT and time-series data into human-comprehensible system health insights that unlock business decisions. AI Twin: your intelligent counterpart for virtual equipment optimization, leading to real-world performance improvements.

AB Experiment

A/B testing for dynamic conversation

Abexperiment's A/B testing platform lets you experiment with different LLMs, it letyou play with different vector DBs and you can experiment with multiple retrieval stratgies.


Pre Built Capabilities

  • Capability deployed in production
  • Pre Built Agents with configurability
  • Ability to integrate withcustomer knowledgebase
  • Capability to get user feedback
  • Conversation History and Logging
  • Login functionality
  • User Maangement
  • Prompt Templates
  • Fractional CTO for Bots

    Startup and enterprise who wish to build their own AI Asssitant can hire expertise to build

  • Conversation Agent Experise
  • LLM - OpenAI, Gemini
  • Vector DB and RAG
  • FienTuning LLM
  • Cloud - AWS, GCP,Azure
  • Customization Team

    Choose a partner with deep experience in delivering LLm based chatbot, Agents and Assistant

    Hire experts who have built kreatebots Stock, Finance AI assitant, real estate AI Agent, chatbot for travel